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The purpose of this site is to provide free ramp plans and ramp building ( Skateboard, BMX, whatever. ) information to the world.


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    The most important resource on our site is our Forums section. A discussion area where there's lots of ramp ideas and people to help you with your questions. There are LOTS of pictures uploaded in the forums

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    We strongly recommend reading the FAQs page, before you ask questions though, as there are a lot of answers there.

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    The ramps section has plans and photo journals that folks have sent in, that we've dressed up a bit more nicely than the forums.

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    We post updates to the change log whenever we update something on the site. [however sometimes simple fixes are discussed in the about the site section of the forums.]

This site depends on your help:

This site is a global community effort so Hopefully you and every one else will help this place grow, by participating in the Forums and posting your ramp plans, photos, and links to ramp information to us. we sift through the stuff and add as much as we can to the site. if you email us a comment or some content it will encourage us to move forward with things making the site a better resource for all. Some examples: You could answer unanswered questions in the FAQs section. You could draw plans up in a cad program and send them in. You could build and photograph your ramp including construction details. You could write in about some trick or tip you learned about ramp building. whatever it is, it educates us and we try to give that back out to the world. It's up to you.


After we built the ramp pictured to the right, the "R.P.D.O. mini", we could have kicked ourselves for not photographing and documenting it every step of the way. So don't let that happen to you. Join int the Forums and document your masterpiece.

the "R.P.D.O. mini" ( 3.5’x12’x21’ ): 

Needs to have an alt tag: ./P0001197.JPG

"R.P.D.O. mini" viewed from the deck: 

Needs to have an alt tag: ./P0001195.JPG

If you have any questions about this ramp please check out both the page from our ramps section and the section from our FAQs page about it. If you don‘t find your answer there please don‘t hesitate to email us.